More ways to skin this cat

On Wednesday I wrote about one way to tie a scarf. Of course there are many ways to “skin that cat” and here are some more.

There is the typical flip around to the back which looks like this in the front.

The downside is that 1) on a long scarf it hangs too far over the back looking like this, a bit clumsy (and even being dangerous, as the circumstances involved in Isadora Duncan’s death show):

and 2) it can easily blow back over even if its not windy, by simply turning or leaning over quickly or the wrong way. A solution for that would be to wrap it around the neck a full time. Flip it over, and the part that is on your back, bring to the front again. Its not that convenient, and is a little uncomfortable as you cant really loosen and tighten the scarf easily.

Alternatively, here is a knot that I prefer using as its quick to put on, adjusts freely and usually stays up against the neck keeping you nice and warm.  Its easier to work with a knitted scarf like this black small striped seen above and further below but certainly works well enough with a woven too like this  Colombo double sided scarf (Seen Here)

In both cases they are shown with the Prandina Ribbed wool 3/4 coat with detachable hood. (fabric by Piacenza)

Here are the simple steps.

1) Double up the scarf and drape it around your neck in the middle of the doubled up scarf. One side now has two fringes and one side has a loop created by the doubling of the scarf.

2) Feed the fringes into the loop and draw the scarf tighter.

Your scarf should now look like this and you are done. You can leave it hanging out or:

Tuck it into your jacket like so.

This works better with a long scarf of about 70 inches. and less and you will have the end result that looks like this, A little skimpy.

I have also seen this knot being used.

I personally think that it comes across as too effeminate. Maybe because the first time I saw it was when my Alex Begg Rep was wearing her floral scarf in that pattern. Maybe I think it looks too affected. To each his own 🙂

Enjoy the weekend!

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