Orange and Navy

While orange and rusty orange works well with black, another nice combination is orange and navy as orange in all its forms will brighten up navy.

Here you have a navy suit with a light blue shirt (looks grey in some pics but its a pale blue pique) and a slate blue square paired with a host of orange ties, starting with that paisley weave from earlier in the week.

The square looks like this, a whimsical honey jar pattern with a floral pattern on the fabric.  Nice enough but I thought we could do better.

So we swap it out for a darker navy square whose darkness serves to highlight the bright flowers on it thereby giving the square a presence in the pocket despite its dark nature. (for more on contrasting your square with your jacket see this post.)

And the final effect is this:

This textured stripe uses a soft green with large orange stripes.  The introduction of the soft green and the soft orange instead of the earlier paisley add color without overdoing it.  Green, orange, blue and navy together, write it down, its  a wining combination.

This heavy blue four fold might be predominantly blue but there are enough orange flowers to give it “orange” status.  I like how fresh the tie looks. Besides, it reminds me of my youth when back in the day when my Dad of blessed memory bought a Yankees and Mets cap for me and my brother and he  grabbed the Yankees cap and I became a defacto Mets fan 🙂

Here we move away from the classic oranges to more yellowy/mustard orange in the form of this Petronius four fold.  I believe that this tie is a 50 oz. Twill.

And finally back to an orange with a rust tinge tie coupled with a darker bottle green flower.  Also a Petronius four fold.

PS:  Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans and anyone else that is celebrating today!


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