Tying the knot

Over at Styleforum.net the question came up as to how I did the knot on the scarves a few posts back in more black ops.

Here is how its done.  Simple, really:

4 easy steps:

1) Cross the scarf over in front like so:

2) Take the top part and swing under the lower part and up through the neck like so:

3) Bring the part that is up down like so.

4) Spread it wider while pulling it up like so:  Pull the bottom part so as to tighten the scarf around your neck thereby bringing the top up.

Your close up should look like this:

6) And close the jacket over it so it looks like this:

This type of knot functions well as it 1) displays the pattern of the scarf and 2) it stays tight against the neck unlike the typical crossover of the two ends of the scarf in front of the throat which invariably opens up after a few moments.

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