Ties are accessories

Ties are accessories or at least should be. What I mean by that is that they should not be the focal point of the suit but they should compliment it. Add flavor to the entree not be the overpowering taste.

With that concept in mind I will add my two cents to a photo that someone sent me today, asking me what my thoughts on it were.

Here is the photo:

The suit is magnificient, the shirt is nice. I like the subtle touch the square offers up as well, complimenting the suit while not detracting. I think that in this case the tie which appears to be an Hermes type orange overpowers the rest of the ensemble, relegating it to the background.

And whats interesting to me is that had the tie been used in a DARKER suit then it could have been pulled off as the contrast of the suit would have pulled its own weight.

Below I show two suits with the same rust/raspberry paisley tie. In the grey while its OK, it becomes the focal point of the ensemble and the rest fades into the background. In the black it takes a black suit and makes it pop.

PS: I don’t care for this square here and should have gone with a simple cream linen one. I will Re-pic tomorrow.



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