Queries of the week – Volume 1

I like WordPress.com blogs as they offer a nice selection of backend options that allow me to monitor whats happening with the blog, where my readers are coming from and what they are looking at.

One of the items in Blog stats is Search Engine Terms which is essentially the queries that people submitted to various search engines which turned up this blog, fromthewaistup.wordpress.com.

For example, a query of White shirt with Lilac Tie gets me in the google query all the way at the bottom of the first page.

As I am not usually in the store on Sunday’s to take pictures of ensembles I figured I would answer some of the questions that came my way.

Oh…so you know, a white shirt and lilac tie goes nicely with a grey or black suit.  😉

1) Can you wear squares with stripe shirts? Interesting question, and by squares I assume what was meant was square patterned ties.  I would say to avoid it as a rule unless you are really good at this and are comfortable relying on your own eye.  Of course there is no absolutes in any of this and visuals would be necessary to determine.

2) Grey shirt gold tie I would say to avoid this.  Although black with gold is a winner, a grey shirt unless its a dark grey will not give you enough contrast and will look off.  If the shirt is dark enough then you will look like you drive a limo or work for the mafia. (Or both 🙂 )

3) Brown suit & pink shirt – This is a nice combo.  Click on the brown suit or pink shirt link and you should get some nice looks on this.

4) Orange paisley tie with blue check shirt – The colors are right and work together (Orange and Blue) however you need to make sure that there isn’t too much happening when you blend the checks and the paisleys, which are both naturally busy patterns.

5) Pink shirt and navy tie with a black suit – I dont think so.  Black suit and Pink shirt = Yes.  Pink Shirt and Navy Tie = Yes. But that is where the connection ends.  The Navy Tie does NOT belong together with the black suit.

6) Black suits with ivory shirt and red tie – This will work, but bear in mind that as the suit backdrop is black and the contrasted shirt is white, the RED TIE is going to scream at you I AM RED AND DON’T YOU FORGET THAT!!!!!

7) There were alot of questions on the topic of Light Blue with Dark Green or other Green combos. – The simple answer is a resounding YES.  Search the blog if you haven’t yet, I am a big fan of the combo.

Enjoy the balance of the weekend of if you first get to this Monday, have a great week!

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  1. Great post! Colors can be tricky, more posts like this are always welcome in my book.

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