More Black Ops

Well, the conventional understanding of black ops would be clandestine operations but in this case its more OPTIONS for a Black coat.  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

Here are some classic looks (The wine color scarf and the camel colored) and some not so classic looks, (the green and the grey stripe).  But not so classic I don’t mean way out there.  I simply mean not your basic look.

Here shown with a Deep Green Colombo Cashmere scarf.  Great rich color.

Here, the classic camel/Tan Color scarf.  In this case a Colombo cashmere Scarf as well.

This grey stripe Colombo cashmere scarf is nice and just slightly different without being loud.

Finally, the Wine Colored Scarf from Alex Begg of Scotland (not shown on the site but available) .  a classic combination.

Incidentally you may have seen this identical scarf (as told to me by my Begg Repp) before. (But I do NOT approve of the tie color with the scarf nor do I approve of the olive colored gloves with the coat the First Lady is wearing, maybe someone direct them here 😉 )

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  1. […] at the question came up as to how I did the knot on the scarves a few posts back in more black ops. Here is how its done.  Simple, […]

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