The Black Catena

I know it sounds like a cheap b thriller, but bear with me 🙂

As mentioned in the previous post the catena will usually determine to the hue of your tie.  That being the case it should govern what it can comfortably pair with.

In the case of this purple tie the black catena gave the purple a blackish slant, making it ideal IMO for a black or charcoal suit, and not the best for a brown one.

Here are all three suits, First the Black, then the charcoal finally the brown again:  For a close up high res of the black suit with the tie click here.  Some may not like the fact that the square I used has similar shapes to the tie but as they are not the same size it didnt bother me.

Black Suit

Swapped out the square for the naysayers for this one.

Charcoal Suit

The Brown Suit

Finally, once we had the charcoal suit out I brought back the tie we had out from yesterday, illustrating a nice combo, Charcoal Grey and the lilac/purple family.

As always, what you have read here is just one man’s opinion 🙂 , and I would love to hear yours!


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  1. […] Good ole, dark purple although I admit that I am not sure if the tie works that well due to its black catena […]

  2. […] When looked at it with the PC you dont get the true colors in it.  Due to its Plum warp (catena) you get a shimmering purple color in there.  Well matched with this suit and shirt combo. I used […]

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