Brown and Purple


Brown and purple often works but it depends on the color of the purple.   Here are some ties that go well with the brown.  Unfortunately, the tungsten lighting that I shot these under distorted the color of the shirt and I was gone for the day when I discovered that.  I might just retake the shots tomorrow but the colors of the ties were accurate enough to continue with the post so here goes. (As above, shots were retaken with better results.  I have left the originals though for the square).

In the first three pics, the different shades of purple work well.  The first is a light purple color dot tie.  Against what was supposed to be pictured as a lilac shirt with the brown suit, the tie works well.  I left the  parasol square with its browns, burgundies, and slight shades of blue as with the tie that was interesting enough and gave enough color subtlety was important in the square.

This tie is a patterned weave with charcoal/brown background and purple pattern overlay.  Its got strong enough purple overlay to give the appearance of purple which is great for the brown suit.

Again the multi color tie with a dominant purple stripe.  All the colors work (and work well I might add) with brown here.

The dark purple satin field tie is where the purple does NOT work I think.  Its just too dominant in its purpleness!.  Tomorrow I will show where it does work though.

Here are the retaken shots.  They reflect better the accurate  correct color of the ties and the shirt.  I swapped out a violet and beige square on a whim:

And this which I did not think went that well.  (See my comments below in response to Bob.)


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  1. What’s wrong with the last combo? Looks fine to me? Then again the colors may not be accurately represented since you said the light messed with the photos.

  2. Bob, Thanks for following and commenting. I felt that the tie while being purple had a black basis that knocked it out of the brown realm and put it more appropriately in the black or charcoal (or other gray) suit camp. I will illustrate (to the best of my ability) in my next post what I mean by that.

    Comment away!


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