Red, White and Blue

In keeping with the blog’s fascination (obsession?) with  Brown suits I show here a brown suit with, red, white (actually off white) and blue ties.

First up a Blue thick twill tie with a predominantly red  square.  The red square was used to brighten it all up a bit.

Tucked away in the pocket the ensemble looks like this:

Moving right along to the deep red solid tie you get this look.  Here I left the square but repositioned it so that there was more blue peeking out.  Even then I didn’t like the red, thinking that there was enough red with the tie so that it now looked cheap, so I swapped it out for the one below.

There, that’s better.  The parasol square here tones it down introducing some burgundy and off white with traces of blue yet mainly browns.

Really now, isn’t this  square magnificent?

Here the off white mini paisley tie adds a subtle look to the brown and blue combo.  The off white blends well with both the blue of the shirt and the brown of the suit.  The square again serves only to complement the entire look.

Finally, having had this multi stripe tie out from last weeks work I slipped it in there.  As you can see, the purple does quite well with the brown. That dear reader though is for another day 😉

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