Camel is King

Well…Cash is king usually but here the idea is that camel is a great versatile color that goes with so many colors.  I will stop short of saying that it goes with everything but I will not say what the exceptions are as nothing comes to mind quickly.

By way of email communications I was talking with a customer who recently purchased the camel coat shown below and was contemplating a coordinating scarf.

Here are some options, but by no means should this post be considered a comprehensive list.  In fact one look at the scarf pages on my site will show that so many options work with that coat or one of similar colors.

I show here a Colombo cashmere scarf (pricey),

an Alex Begg wool angora (not pricey) and

a house label double sided knitted scarf. (very not pricey)

and more of the same:


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  1. […] (EDIT:  I have written and shown more on the versatility and scarf options on a camel coat in this post, Camel is King) […]

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