Two down, one to go…

Much in the same way that paisley patterns can be any color, its important to note that the name glen plaid cannot be categorized nor limited to a color as the term merely indicates a pattern (see link for history on GP).  That’s why one cannot simply state rules to follow when pairing shirts, ties and squares to glen plaid.

This particular Glen Plaid had a very feint (almost imperceptible) light blue check in it which invited in the light blue shirt.  Youc an see it in the pictures below, and I will add another on Wed (11/4) as a closeup detail)

Otherwise it was primarily a black check.  This is where the ties I used (Blacks and  Burgundies) came in as follows:

First up is a Cesare Attolini weave with a lovely hand.  The grey in the tie would be acceptable in and of itself as it works well with the Black of the glen plaid.  This had the added benefit of being a slate gray which is tinged with blue.  The burgundy stripe in the tie wakes it all up.  Again for the square I used the same universaly colored square as in the previous post.  Its got so many colors it works with ALL the ties below. (PS:  MB, I didnt accidentally leave it in the pocket, enjoy!)

The second is a burgundy dotted weave. I thought it a nice subtle entry of burgundy which is a great color for the ensemble.

For a bold contrast, this twill print, with both burgundy and blue dost in the neats pattern works well.

Finally in the same vein of contrast is the black weave with the light blue flowers.

Tomorrow, the plaid suit/sportscoat.


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  1. Splendid!

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