Your Attention Please…

Having opened up a pandoras tie box the other day by introducing the Cashmere/Silk Blends shown in this post, I was asked to pair a few up with the aforementioned swatch.

I kept the Colombo cashmere vests. (did I mention that these vests are only $300.  Pretty durned good for a 1 x 2 cashmere vest with a sublime hand and MOP buttons)  I like them in there but between you and me they dont have to be there to create that buffer I have been speaking about as this suit fabric is textured enough and the tie isnt that fuzzy.  I did swap the beige for a brown which I found to be more of a challenge and not the no brainer the beige was.

This time I also used the cream shirt which was the second request in the letter.

Here are some results (If you notice I substituted the burgundy square for a green floral paisley. As I have mentioned before there are probably close to if not 9 different colors in those squares:

Not a wool blend but sufficiently textured to allow this tie to belong in this post.

Now with the blue shirt.  I don’t know what your monitor shows but the reality of this ensemble is that it works.  The tungsten lighting is making the blue more royal than it should.

So Mark…Do I have your attention yet?



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