Going Green

Hey, its the latest rage.  Everyone talks about going green and saving the planet.  But I got a request about how do you go green in the literal sense without looking like this fellah and people expecting you to take their garbage?

My feeling is that the key to avoiding the very green look is to get away from anything green in the tie. Any additional green you have is going to highlight and underscore that you are wearing a green suit.

Here are some ideas from the FIH thinktank. For color purposes not having a deep green jacket I used a green scarf.

As usual I welcome any and all comments.

This first illustrates the concept that if you have any green it merely highlights the green in the suit so while the blue shirt pulls the eye and mind away from the green of the suit, the blue and Green tie yanks it right back.

I like the gold with pink here which works on the blue and takes it further than the shirt alone.  It gets better with the browns and Burgundies though as you will soon see.  Incidentally I dont think that you get the effect with a cream shirt which works but not enough to draw away from the suit.  Pink is just too “fruity”.  The square has it all, the brown, the beige the burgundy and a splash of royal blue.

Not quite gold, the tie is a beige which also works.  From here on in I will let the pics do the talking and only contribute when I have something really poignant to say.

Here burgundy takes over.  Too much Burgundy is no good, highlights and accents of Burgundy work well IMO.

A burgundy Brown tie with Blue in the flower.  Nice!

An all Burgundy with a change in the square for color shock.  Its growing on me 😉

Changing the shirt for a burgundy stripe and back to the tie from before.


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