Shake Up

So I got some feedback on the “and so it begins” post…”Jonathan…Lets see some action with those ties.  Its no biggie to match them with a dark suit.  Get lively,  willya?”

I hear ya as I was feeling that a little myself.

Here is a little more excitement with the tie and not being content and already having the suit out where I went from there.

I started with this square figuring to get a little color on the breast pocket but didn’t like the combo.  Too similar to what RL wanted to do this past season with the paisley ties they introduced.

I think that the tie and shirt combo needed something that was a little more sedate and classy which brought me to this:  I have already mentioned that I think this square is a real beauty.  But truth be told I am partial to pastel colors.  Always have been.

Which is these ingredients.

Keeping the suit, and swapping out the tie and shirt.  I went gray twill shirt here and the burgundy tie and having enough color I toned it down with the square that has greys, browns and a little black as well.

Here you see the colors of the square up close.

Same shirt, tie and suit and swapping out the square for this:  ( a bit more zong, and unnecessary I think)

Another square option.  Again, perfectly acceptable.  Toned down, yet crisp.

Which you see here:


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