And So It Begins

The buying season from Spring is winding down bringing along with it the selling season in full force with our customers returning from the mountains and Summer homes. (Summer? When was Summer? 😦 )

What that means to me is that I will be at the store more and more able to work the camera into the schedule. If that’s a good thing or not will have to be your decision. 🙂

PS: I am very excited as the box of scarves from Colombo finally made it to me having been improperly routed at a UPS facility (and ending up for a few days in Florida and then Kentucky. The scenic route here 🙂 )

Here goes.

First up, navy suit with a Lavender shirt and this tie. The texture and the lavender satin stripes look nice against the shirt while complementing the suit. The square adds a third color and pattern.

Here you see the pattern on the square.  Green works with navy, Burgundy works with navy, as does the gold hightlights.

On a whim I swapped the lavender tie for the Blue and Brown with this result.

Of course it works better with the Light Blue shirt which you can see here.

And a nice change with the Burgundy version on that same square.

The colors didnt show so well on the detail photo.  Its more burgundy than red.


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