Some More Fall

Here are some more fall looks for you with that same Hickey Freeman Jacket, this time though with a grey twill shirt you have seen before

In some of these cases though I kept to typical ties with fall-like colors as opposed to textured wools.  Darker is usually considered more fall-like being more somber and all that, dont shoot me, thats just the way it usually is.)

The square was a nice Burgundy/Rust/Gold one with darkish colors that complement nicely the black of the jacket and you can see the detail here.  Pretty much every color in the square would work independantly with the jacket.

The tie used here is a blackish with a blue stripe tie from Petronius.  The hand on the Petronius and Attolini ties are simply wonderful.

A four fold (Italian Seven Fold) Attolini Tie with the charcoal grey field and a rusty burgundy stripe.

Burgundy as you know is a classic color which works well with most things (as does the ever so boring grey) Here is a burgundy cashmere silk blend.

And here is the same blend in Blue


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