Bulking Up with Fall

In the Children’s Boutique we have been receiving Fall merchandise for about a month now.  One of the items was this Hickey Freeman His First sportscoat, a rich worsted wool houndstooth with a black base and a delicate medium blue check in it.  A beautiful piece that threw me off a little with regard to shirts so I tried some things:

First a Blue  Shirt:

And settled on the Lilac (but will probably tweak it a little tomorrow) .

Keeping with the colorations I kept a familiar square from this season that we had used before with grey’s and burgundy highlights and a thicker weave tie that has a depth to it. The coat demands it. Here is what you get:

Swapping out the black tie with the lilac dots  for its burgundy brother (Both wonderful staple type ties) gives you this.

With heavy flannely fabrics like this you can easily and properly go with a textured wool type tie. The result when combining the coat/square and Tie (a cashmere and silk blend with a wonderful hand) was this:


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