The Missed Wedding

I dont know if I have said this before but it bears mentioning and reviewing nontheless.

My Main business, I mean the “pays the rent business” is a kids shop clled Tuesday’s Child.  You can see what we do on Tuesday’s Child’s website.  Sometimes it gets in the way of the little on the side men’s stuff that I do here.  With buying season in full swing for the kids shop this was one of those times.

A customer emailed me last week that he was heading to a wedding in California and needed a pocket square (no tie was being worn, “Heck Jonathan,  its California”  was what he said.) to go with a white jacket, blue pants and either a pink shirt or a light blue shirt.

I had already sold him a square before and thought it would work well with either choice shirt, being that it was a bold colored square and would pop against the white jacket but then promised him I would send some more options.  I got busy and didn’t and he is leaving tomorrow for the west coast :-(.

Saving grace is that the wedding is Saturday so I may have time to send it overnight to him in California assuming he likes.

Here goes:

The white jacket is from the kids shop and was used just for the photo.  Some may notice the lapels are small.

The square is from the most recent collection.  I like it for its soft pastelly colors.


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