The trustworthy pindot

I have promised much (about editing the posts to explain my pictures) yet I have not delivered.  True dat, but its not for lack of interest rather for lack of time as I have been busy.  My season is starting very soon where we both buy for the kids shop and begin our selling campaign for the Fall 09 season.  Additionally we have lots of change taking place in our brick and mortar location by way of a management change (not ownership, but store manager) so thats taken the forefront.  Finally, I am taking a few days off before all heck breaks loose by way of the above, so I will be offline for the next few days (but always checking in of course and attempting to edit my past posts from the iphone) so I leave you with the following two pics which illustrate the point.

Pindots are classic, useful and rarely fail.  They provide life to a solid color tie without challenging the senses and risking rejection.

If you dont own a pin dotted tie go out and buy one as soon as you can as it should be a staple in every wardrobe.

Here we show how a pindotted tie adds life without being obnoxious.  The next few posts will be devoted to that. (But not before Thursday-Friday.)

Enjoy your week!


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