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Last week in Thursday’s post, Onix commented the following:

“At the first try, the square has yellow and blue, thus seems to work. However, the texture of the jacket is a bit rough looking, so the second try with orange and navy in rougher material really made it.”

Lets look at that comment for a bit.  Its true that the colors of the square work in coordination with the colors of the jacket and its also true that the second square is a “better” match, but is it the texture that throws it off or is it something else.  Personally ,  I think that its not the texture, rather the visible proportions of the square to the jacket as well as the bold color of the yellow that does it.

Let us not forget that the  square was meant to break the expanse amount of fabric of the chest by giving a visual break the that area.  The question that remains is how much of a break do you want and should it detract from the tie.  Inasmuch as the blackish square against the black jacket goes unnoticed, the stark yellow of the square on the blue goes perhaps too noticed.  Consider the following photos.

In Photos 1 and 2 We show that the colors work well with the jacket as far as “matching”

In the third photo when we pair the thus far incomplete ensemble with a light blue shirt and orange Attolini Tie, we see that your eye is not sure where to go being drawn to the square, back to the tie, and back to the square. (and tie again).

The same when we bring in the brown tie, which works with the shirt and jacket yet fights for attention with the  square again.

Similarly with the beige tie.

Now, to rectify the fighting for attention troubles we can do a few things.  We can either tuck the square a little more into the pocket making it less visible so it goes from the picture above, to the picture below. There. That looks better cause you break the jacket without going for broke.

Or we can swap out the square for a softer detailed square.  Certainly it adds color but it doesnt take that much away from the tie and your look is here.

Which is made up of this.

Which one is better?  Its just a matter of tastes or perhaps moods 🙂

No time to link the items…Off to my daughters graduation from 8th grade.  Wasnt she just going to playgroup yesterday?  Sigh…

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