Upon Further Reflection (Request 1 Addendum)

I mentioned yesterday that I would break away from the light blue or white shirt and go where I thought this jacket needed to be taken. (And I have to clean the post up a bit but meanwhile you have food for thought till I get back)

Just to finish off yesterday’s light blue shirt coloration with some more orange and beige, here are two more options tht I think look really nice with the jacket.  The more I see with this jacket the more that I think that soft orange or brown is the way to go. Different enough to not be cookie cutter but not too much.

and the orange paisley version of the burgundy paisley. What makes these paisleys so nice is that you almost get two ties in one, the warp color and the weft.

Here are some more shots of burgundy but this time with a grey twill as well as a beige and orange theme / gray shirt,

The Burgundy color of the tie works here as does the texture (wooly.)  You may disagree with the beige stripes of the tie, claiming that they come too close to the beige and burgundy of the jacket.  I wont argue with you.

In this version with the repositioning of the square that its more of a gray square than a perfect match to the Burgundy/Blue paisley.

The burgundy pindot tie again with the grey shirt as a backdrop.  (incidentally, Suit Owner you called this squares.  I dont see it as squares, rather as a pin dot where the weave frames in a square.)

and finally the “Red Bull” shirt that I think was created to jump start life into the greyish nature of the jacket.  You have to admit, the shirt being a mix of burgundy  and blue does add some zing and works well with the jacket!  I think that the first combination is great.  The tie has pinks, plums, black and navy mixed in.  ALL those colorse work in tandem with whatever color you want to call the jacket, be it greyish or navy (which is not, no matter what the salesman told you sir!)

With Brown you get a nice touch as it pics up the beigeish outline of the red windowpane (which is what makes the windowpane not a true red)

And finally some more small stripes with Orange, Blue, Brown and more.  It might be a bit busy but otherwise,  whats not to like?

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  1. I love it all, but I just came back from my anniversary dinner and drinks, so I need to revist tomorrow.

    • Congratulations! May you have many more happy years together.

      Back to the post though, the more I look at the square that I used, the more I feel that while the colors may be correct the pattern is not right for this ensemble. For example, the circles on the tie in the first pic (I know Onix, I promised to label the photos and now I am paying the price) are too close in pattern to the circles (ovals in fact) on the square. Colors right, patterns off.

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