The Striped Wedding Guest

In a classic screwup on my (or my staff’s) part I double sold a tie that I didnt have. While thats a great tactic for improving gross margins, it does nothing for customer retention.  The occassion was a wedding in a few weeks, worn together with a charcoal Gray suit and either a white or light purple shirt.  I got the impression that no pocket square would be worn but I photographed with a white nontheless.  For the sake of simplicity I photographed with white shirt.  If  our guest would like to see them ina light purple shirt I can do that to.  He can just email me.  Finally, there was a request for stripes over dots or patterns, hence the title of the post “The striped wedding guest” .  One last thing.  After reading alot about my merchandise in our hero finally “bit the bullet” (I tried not to take umbrage on that comment 😉  ) and bought because the price was right as was the length (He chose the 56 inch length of ties).  This means that my options were limited to available stock in the short ties I carry.

Here goes:

First up,  here are the two that the customer chose.  I had the pink but no luck on the navy (yes in regular size, no in short).  You have to admit that he does have good taste 🙂 . I particularly like the black field that the satin and other stripes work off as it lends a great contrast to the pink or blue in the tie as well as to the shirt.  Not too shabby against a charcoal or suit either. (and I add that the lighter grey the suit the more contrasting “pop” you will get with the tie)

Here are some alternate choices:

Same coloration as the navy just different stripe widths. (For poll purposes this is Choice 1)

Here is the same tie as the original choice however in the grey version.  I think its a little washed here and together with the charcoal suit you dont get enough contrast. (For poll purposes this is Choice 2)

One of my favorites, I love this tie.  Its elegant, classy, refined and rich all in one. If you can wear it, buy it.  (It will look equally nice against a lilac/purple) shirt. (For poll purposes this is Choice 3)

This small chevron with stripe may be a little too serious here.  Possibly would work better against the light purple shirt. (For poll purposes this is Choice 4)

The gray, royal and black work together as do the various textrures in the tie.  All complementing the gray of the suit. (For poll purposes this is Choice 5)

Finally as I had tie this out (I do not have it in the short, sorry) I wanted to show it here as well.   Elegant and rich as well. (As I look now I cringe at the pics I used to have on some of these ties).

So which tie do you think our hero should wear to the wedding? (and feel free to comment that he should be wearing a square as well 🙂 )


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