Purple Stands Out Too

Purple and lavender are pretty much in the same family.  Not quite twins  (Unless you are thinking Ahhnold and DeVito) but definately distant brothers if not cousins.

The same can be said with black and charcoal or better yet gray.

I like gray with lavenders.  So following the progression along we can probably say the same with purples and blacks.  You just need to bring the brightness or contrast bar in any of the photo editing programs and you will get from Grey and Lavender to Black and Purple.  But that wasn’t the challenge that was thrown out.  There was a more difficult request which was the square as well.  Till now in the black theme we have been using a white square which makes the tie an easier feat.  However as the request was for a dark purple square the tie becomes somewhat harder.  Again, its not impossible.  Before we look at the pictures its important to mention that the darker the square is its going to be harder to notice it on a dark suit, which is as you realize (hopefully tomorrows focus) the whole point of the square.  On a lets say very dark purple square  unless you resort to the shinier fabrics to reflect the light the square will go almost unnoticed.

Take a look at the pictures here.  I will work them backwards from the darker to the lighter because I do feel that the ensemble looks a heck of a lot better when you allow for more contrast and as the suit is black invariably less dark in neck wear and accessories,  is more.

Enough from me.  Lets let the pictures do the talking: (this is the darkest purple tie that I had and the same with the square.  Of note to show that the black and purple idea is not off if you flip the square inside out you see that the field of the square on that silk is actually black)

This comes together looking like this.  Yeah its somewhat monochromatic but that was the goal / question wasn’t it?

If we seek to lighten the shade of the tie while keeping the square you will get a nice combination of lavender and purples.

Here I gave you a better view of the tie because I wanted to show that it works nicely with the black.  Its a pretty tie and the somewhat wrinkly nature of the fabric is intentional.  It adds character.

Finally a light ivory field with lavender vines floral.  A real beautiful tie and here you get the contrast that I am referring to.  I am gonna have to retake this shot so you can see how nicely it works.  Maybe better here would be a satin square in a violet.  We’ll see.


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  1. Excellent writing, and the last tie is so lovely. I never thought that very bright tie can go well with white shirt like this. Well done. You should definitely replace the current stock picture with this.

    For the PS, your choice is excellent since the material and pattern still stand out. What do you think about some very dark one like this: http://www.fourinhand.com/Product.asp?dept=1080&Product=FH80H-GFVG-09, with lavender borders. In fact, as long as the borders are bright, any choice of PS should be fine.

  2. Totally agree with the layout.

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