Cream Suits for Summer

Taking another request from the search box…

Not having a cream suit in my arsenal I had to take a large size from the boys collection that we carry from Pinco Pallino a high end childrenswear collection from Italy.

Cream and Blue as you can see work.  They work well and they leave room for some more color to be moxed in, which is what we did wth the new collection of squares.  This is a very pretty square and as I mentioned earlier or in this case later there is a story behind it.  To get some contrast against the shirt I used this tie from the new Spring collection.

The second shirt here is a gingham check shirt.  That gives you some depth to the blue without being solid (well…duh!) .  Paired that with a somewhat solid (at least in color) Navy tie yet left the square in.  I like the bold splash of color again.

Lilacs and lavendars will work well with the suit as evidenced here.  Of course as its a cream suit pretty much anything will work here.  Even as one posted questioned) Black.  I changed the square to reflect the lilac color and the ties match up here well although as I wonder perhaps a little too well to the shirt.  I always like to see some sort of contrast which in the first two are lacking.  This tie though was truly a winner all around in all the colors that I had it.

And a similarly colored lilac tie with a different twist.  More like a tapestry floral paisley pattern.

Finally in this version you get the contrast that I was referring to.  Nice satin field tie in a deep purple.  The square is the same although isee that the light hits it differently and the purple tones are move visible here.


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  1. Hi, Can you recommend a good place to find a cream suit?
    I am in Atlanta, USA and a big store like Macy may have what I need. Linen and all it’s wrinkles will not work. I not apposed to ordering online, but I prefer in-store. Thanks

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