Blue and Silver

So…What is it with you people?  I welcome and encourage requests or questions yet I have to resort to checking the search words to see what you want.  Dont be so shy.  Email or comment about something you want to see.

So working off a search topic of silver and Blue tie I came up with the following ideas… (now I know that you might complain that the first one is perhaps blue and silver but that evokes the Zebra question, doesnt it? 😉 ) 

Here is an elegant tie primarily Blue with Silver Stripe.  Paired with a  square that I think is too matchy to the colors of the Suit/Tie/Shirt.  Yes, I know that the tie linked is not that similar to the tie on the site but thats just cause my photography skills have gotten much better).  This is the suit thats being shown.

Dropping in a little splash of color in the red square you get something like this:  The Square is not yet on the site but will be added soon.

I think that this square is the correct one of the three, offering color yet not too much.  Of course there are so many options in this shirt/suit/tie grouping.

This next tie seems to be a little blah to me in this setting.  In general I think that that tie is a little too sedate for my tastes but I will see a little later what I can do to spruce it up and make it look a little more alive.

This beauty is a great tie.  Pretty much a silvery blueish field with navy highlights on the paisley make this a classic yet bold design.

Bringing the same tie and square into the a pink background make it look like this.  Nice contrast!

Now back to the first tie to show how it comes together with the blue and silver stripe. (or was that silver and blue?)


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