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Over in the Style Forum I frequent the following question came up regarding a match for a navy suit and a purple awning stripe shirt.

This was the picture that the OP (original poster) had and he was questioning if it went OK:


I suppose that the colors are all OK, but I think he was concerned that there was too much mono-tonal color in there (The satin of the square along with the satin of the tie while being different colors was perhaps too  close to matching all around)

I suggested the following two options (the shirt was the closest that I could find to the one the OP had, looks grey here but was purple stripe).

The floral tie (great seller in all the variations) with the FIH hand stitched edge square:  The satin field on the tie makes it dressy enough with the square being classy without going over the top.

Or this small rose version with the white linen square (which is always safe and elegant although for the wedding I would opt for the crepe silk one):

Popular opinion was the first variation was a winner.  Even the OP inquired about it!

PS: on the FIH Site the first floral tie has the following combo.  The square adds a little more in terms of pattern and tonality.


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