The Principles/Rules

Sorry…You came to the wrong place. I generally don’t do principles for the simple reason that I think that in many cases people follow principles more than feelings.

I had a teacher that once told me that when you are faced with a problem, a question, a test, and you have solved it (or so attempted) in accordance with the rules that you have been taught, before submitting your final answer, run it by another set of tests called the idiot test. Thats when you look at the answer and it simply cannot be.

My Dad and mentor used to tell the following story:

The king has a son that to put it mildly isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack. Knowing that he has to one day tender the reigns to him he hires the best instructors and professors that money can buy and locks him away for years. Finally the day and the son enters the palace beaming from ear to ear. The King, eager to see what kind of intelligence his money bought him slips a ring into his hand and asks his son, “son…can you figure out what I am holding in my hand?”

The prince measures the Kings hands and weighs them whips out a pad and begins scrawling numbers, and diagrams, filling up page after page with equations and geometric symbols and after about a half hour says, “dad, I have come to the conclusion that its ROUND”. The king is amazed and says “go on son, go on”. More Diagrams, more equations, again measuring the kings hands, and weighing them and finally says “ITS GOT A HOLE IN IT”.

Slowly the king begins to smile and says “tell me son, tell em what I am holding in my hand?” and the Prince grinning like an Idiot says, ” Dad CLEARLY YOU ARE HOLDING A WAGON WHEEL”.

I digress but you get the point.

Its not always what the principles say, its how you think it looks.

PS: That being said, I own a copy of Flussers Dressing the Man.

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